Words, Words, Words

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring out there and the sun is shining on my keyboard, keeping me warm in spite of the 50* temperature out there. In my head, however, it’s 98* in the shade and the year is 1978 or so. Ah, the mind of a writer….

I’ve been busily editing, and editing more still, on the latest manuscript. On my 3rd pass and only managed to cut down 30 pages – yikes! Apparently, Greg Cooper has a lot to say…

Who’s Greg Cooper, you ask? He’s my latest “voice in my head” and the main character of the piece I’m editing. He’s an aspiring musician, still stuck in a small town, desperately trying to break out of it and live the dream HE has in HIS head.

I think I can relate to him… have a great weekend, gang!

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