Daunting as Hell…

I’m not gonna lie, this whole writing thing gets to be crazy daunting when it comes time to trying to decide if I want to get traditionally published. Suddenly, the joy I find in putting words on paper makes my hands sweat and that little voice in the back of my head says ‘who areContinue reading “Daunting as Hell…”

Merry Everything!

As 2021 comes to a close, I am simply in awe at all the crazy, incredible, exciting changes that happened in just twelve short months….

“They like me…”

So, at some point last year, dug in to a really deep writers block due to a whole lot of circumstances beyond COVID, I forced myself to write something. Instead of making myself do a whole full-length novel because words weren’t coming, I told myself ‘just write a short story. Just write a few pages.Continue reading ““They like me…””

It’s All Happening!

But because it is, that means there hasn’t been a whole lot of creativity happening either. That doesn’t mean I’m not using this time for my writing skills. For instance, with juggling all the details and trying to coordinate a bunch of moving parts, I actually try to use what I’m feeling. I slow myselfContinue reading “It’s All Happening!”

Words, Words, Words

It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring out there and the sun is shining on my keyboard, keeping me warm in spite of the 50* temperature out there. In my head, however, it’s 98* in the shade and the year is 1978 or so. Ah, the mind of a writer…. I’ve been busily editing,Continue reading “Words, Words, Words”

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