“They like me…”

So, at some point last year, dug in to a really deep writers block due to a whole lot of circumstances beyond COVID, I forced myself to write something. Instead of making myself do a whole full-length novel because words weren’t coming, I told myself ‘just write a short story. Just write a few pages. Just get something on the page.’

Well, turns out, I thought it was pretty good! Good enough to enter it into a contest on a whim. Why not, right? I’ve entered a bunch and hadn’t really heard back.

Then, LIFE HAPPENED. I was flying back and forth halfway across country for a job interview, got the job and needed to find a new place to live halfway across the the country, pack all my worldly possessions in a week and get back halfway across the country to start said new job! It was a bit of a whirlwind there for a hot minute! So, entering contests kind of fell to the wayside.

THEN: Color me surprised when I got an email telling me my little whim of a short story actually placed in that other whim of a contest I entered!

I want to send out a huge congratulations to the other winners! I’m beyond excited to have my writing recognized and have been doing a happy dance for days! Check this space to see where I placed once it’s revealed October 2, 2021!

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